​​     If you wish to monitor using your smartphone or a tablet, there are numerous apps that may be downloaded. I have used several on a variety of phones and tablets. I prefer the PRO versions because of extra options offered on most apps. They cost a couple of bucks but are worth it to me. I make no money on any apps and have no association with any app makers. I want you to have the best listening experience so I will give you my opinion on what I believe is best. If you are using an Apple product; "5-0 Radio" is my favorite. In the Android realm I prefer and currently use, "Scanner Radio Pro". Both of these apps will display the alpha tags. Not sure about 5-0 Radio but the Scanner Radio Pro allows stereo display and control over left and right channels.

     Please be aware that I am NOT a 24/7 news service. I do try to post things when I can, however, I have a family and a job so I cannot post updates all the time. I may not hear a dispatch or I may not be able to listen to follow-up information. The scanner feeds run 24/7 and can be monitored at any time. You can hear what I hear. I usually will have no additional information than what is said on the feeds. MY Facebook pages and twitter feeds are updated as I am able to do so. Also, please note that unless it is a matter of public safety, first responder safety or the safety of a victim, I usually will not post specific addresses or names. When I do post information it is so that you know something is happening and can listen to the live scanner feeds since I may not be able to post further updates or information.

     The scanner feeds I provide are done so as a voluntary service. I do accept donations to help improve and maintain the feeds and to be able to offer more options. The scanner feeds may be listened to by clicking on the links for the feed you wish to listen to if you are using a computer.



     Knox County- Indiana ISP and DNR

​This feed broadcasts Knox County Public Safety as well as The Indiana State Police Districts 34/35/53 and the Department of Natural Resources South Region and associated Mutual Aid Talk Groups. These are part of the Indiana Project Hoosier Safe-T System and will cover several counties. Although a wide area is covered, it is not excessively busy. Tower are interconnected and a very wide area can be monitored. 

Gibson County Public Safety 

This feed covers Gibson County Police, Fire and EMS as well as Indiana State Police District 35.